All Eyes on the Sharing Economy

Sustainable Development, Economy & Democracy

With more than seven billion souls already on this crowded planet, and one or sharing economy 2two hundred thousand more joining us every day, you don’ t have to be a genius  to figure out that some of the basics of the last couple of  centuries are going to have to change. One of these is the dominant (and largely unquestioned) concept of individual ownership and individual use of just about everything — housing, cars, lawnmowers, canes, couches, jobs, books (public libraries), wedding dresses, grandparent care, and the long list goes on. We shall be giving some attention to the sharing economy in this course, and here to get the ball rolling let’s have a look at what The Economist had to offer on our topic in a recent article:

Keywords: economy, collaborative consumption,  collaborative economy, peer-to-peer, P2P, access economy, sharing economy, rental,  bartering, lending, borrowing, swapping . . .

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