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A New Moment for Carsharing in the Netherlands

Originally posted on World Streets: The Politics of Transport in Cities:

Over the last decade carsharing has increasingly proven itself to be an effective mobility option, serving for well more than 1000 cities on all continents. A key element of an integrated mobility strategy for people and for cities, it is a thrifty transport mode and largely self-financing.

netherlands carshare green wheelsPeople choose to carshare not because they are obliged to, but because it offers a choice. They do it because they see it as a better, more economical way to get around for a portion of their trips. Properly positioned it has shown that carsharing can offer significant potential for energy savings, pollution reduction, space savings on the street, and reduced requirement for expensive public investments in infrastructure to support cars and/or conventional public transport.

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Reading World Streets in Translation

Originally posted on World Streets: The Politics of Transport in Cities:

Have you ever had the opportunity to meet someone who has a lot to say about translation globe - ineedtranslations things that interest you very much, but who does not particularly well master your best language. What happens? Well, it depends on your personality type. Many people, perhaps most of us, would probably find it just too uncomfortable to try a real conversation, so after a bit of time either move respectfully into a mutual silence or venture to make a simple point from time to time on the grounds that this is about the best you can do.

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Victoria Transport Policy Institute. Spring 2014 Newsletter

Originally posted on World Streets: The Politics of Transport in Cities:

This carefully compiled seasonal report from Todd Litman of the Victoria Transport Policy Institute is a fine tool and up to date source guide for researchers and policy makers worldwide. We are pleased to present it in its entirety here, together with references you will find handy to take these entries further. Thanks for your continuing fine work Todd.

canada vicgtoria ped crossing in rainPedestrian crossing in Victoria 

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Signals, Perceptions, Behaviour: Questions, Blurs & Clues

Originally posted on World Streets: The Politics of Transport in Cities:

In transportation circles, most often in Europe and North America but not uniquely there, we often brain2 hear the term “behavior modification”, which is usually brandished as something that somebody else has to learn to do and cope with. More often than not this matter of behavior modification crops up when it comes to  considering how, when and where people drive cars. But we can also hear about it with reference to pedestrians, cyclists and other drivers and street denizens. And as we can see from the results, this matter of behavior and modification turns out to be quite a challenge. We are opening up the pages of World Streets and others of our projects and work to these discussions over the course of 2014.

- – - > Click here for more  on behavior and choice from World Streets

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Zero Fare Public Transport in Tallinn shows a way

Originally posted on World Streets: The Politics of Transport in Cities:

The topic of “free public transport” (FPT), or better yet “zero fair public transport” (ZFPT), is one that has gotten considerable attention here in World Streets over the last several years, on the grounds that it is an extremely rich concept which is worthy of careful attention. If at first humanistic and caring glance it appears to be a great and just concept, the fact is that like much of life it is more than a little complicated. Let us have a look at a recent article which first appeared in the pages of our sister publication Citiscope, which we reproduce here with their and the author’s permission.  ZFPT in Tallinn, an insider’s view
estonia tallinn bus fpt

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Free-for-all: Organizations around the world suppprting free public transport

Originally posted on World Streets: The Politics of Transport in Cities:

The following listing of organizations around the world that are “fighting for free public transport” has been compiled by the Swedish activist group Free Public Transport , whose aim is to provide a global forum for the free public transport movement. Their website among other things provides information about local organizations around the world fighting for free public transport, as well as cities which have already implemented it. For their latest listing, click to .

free pub transport - Doschdesign

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Letter from Stockholm: Public Transport is a Common Good

Originally posted on World Streets: The Politics of Transport in Cities:

World Streets welcomes discussion of fare free sweden planka nu fair jumping public transport because we believe that it is important to listen to alternative views from different organizations and countries in order to arrive at wise public policy. This contribution comes from one of the most active international groups pushing zero fair public transport, in Sweden.

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Editorial: No FPT without SCR (Systematic Car Reductions)

Originally posted on World Streets: The Politics of Transport in Cities:

This is a simple fact ! Free Public Transport (FPT) has no possible justification whatsoever unless your governing officials are willing to do something about adjusting the other half of the modal mix to bring down car ownership and use in the city strategically and as quickly as possible . . . SCR – Systematic Car Reductions.

canada-vancouver-road closed - smaller

The tools for achieving these necessary adjustments in the modal split are well known, experience-proven and widely used in cities of all sizes in many parts of the world. There is no possible justification that competent public authorities not be aware of these proven tools and policies. They include most notably:

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Rural carshare project – A thinking exercise & Invitation for comment

Originally posted on World Streets: The Politics of Transport in Cities:

rural carshare cow We keep reading and are repeatedly informed that for carsharing to work there must be good public transport, cycling and other mobility arrangements as indispensable complements. In other words for carsharing to work you have to be not only in a city, but in a certain kind of city. This position has been an article of faith for many observers for more than a decade, and while there is a certain logic to it, it turns out upon inspection there is a lot more to successful carsharing than that.

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Dead End in Brazil: Interview with Bolivar Torres, O Globo Brazil.

Originally posted on World Streets: The Politics of Transport in Cities:

This is a video transcript of a 20 November 2013 interview with Bolivar Torres, Brazil Sao Paulo Traffic congestionBrazilian journalist with O Globo, a leading Brazilian newspaper.  Topic: Notably unsustainable transportation and trends in Brazilian cities — seen from an international perspective. What to do? How to move from today’s failing and inconsistent ad hoc policies which are not getting at the roots of the problems? Perhaps toward a New Mobility Agenda?  And what in anything might be introduced in time to improve traffic and life quality conditions for all during the coming World Cup and Olympics? (Much of this is going to be very familiar to Penangites.)

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The Sustainable Transport Conundrum (2)